One of the questions posed most often by prospective clients is:

“What makes you different from your competitor ABC Company?”

The short answer is “almost everything”. ┬áBut for some detail, please see these posts:

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What makes us tick?

Can you spell T-Y-P-E  A?
We like things clean, neat and organized. Orderly! We enjoy “cleaning” data sets, and designing and implementing systems that deliver well-organized and useful data.
We're 'bilingual'.
We communicate effectively with senior management and other normal-English-speaking clients, but we also “speak geek” internally and when necessary with clients’ technical personnel.
We're people people.
We work with data and computers all day, but we enjoy people … especially the relationships we have with long-term clients.
We're internally motivated.
We take pride in a job well-done.
We're smart.
We are intellectually curious. We love a “deep dive” into a new problem, and applying our expertise to implement an effective solution.
We deliver.
We meet deadlines. More generally, we meet — or exceed — expectations. Period.