We provide a number of specialized fulfillment services to list owners and others in the list industry. Our services support the rental, exchange and other distribution of our clients’ data — usually lists of names (e.g., buyers, subscribers, donors, attendees, etc.) — and are commonly known as:

  • list rental fulfillment
  • list exchange fulfillment
  • CRM fulfillment

Our web-based query tool, WebNav, allows clients 24×7 access to explore and manipulate their data. The intuitive tool helps clients build both simple and complex queries with just a few clicks … without SQL or other technical knowledge

The CRI Difference
+ expert personnel
+ proven proprietary systems
+ leading commercial software
= superior service and results
List rental, exchange and CRM orders are created using WebNav and used for postal campaigns, telemarketing campaigns and email campaigns.  In general, we ship orders for postal and telemarketing campaigns to a third party for production.  CRM orders are efficiently delivered to stores, chapters, reps or other in-house resources. Email campaigns are broadcast by our full-featured email broadcasting system.

Email Service Models:
Self-Service  vs. Full-Service
Campaign Admin Services
Deliverability Servicesinclincl
Full System Featuresinclincl

Clients engage us on either a “self-service” basis or a “full-service” basis. In the self-service model, the Campaign Admin functions (i.e., using WebNav to execute queries and setup email campaigns) are performed by our client rather than by us.   All clients, whether self-service or full-service, benefit from our Deliverability Services and the full features of WebNav and our system.

Our email system is designed to serve the particular needs of clients that make their email names available to third parties on the email list rental market. These lists and our broadcasts are fully compliant with CAN-SPAM and other regulations, and are always 100% permission-based and 100% spam free.

System Features

WebNav Query and Campaign Tool
WebNav provides a user-friendly intuitive interface. All data fields are available for selection. Users can:

  • omit (or match) prior orders
  • select N per company or per household
  • create random Nth samples
  • create splits and keycodes
  • save frequently used queries
  • import/export SQL

We provide object-level access control and user IP restriction and logging.

E-Z Test
E-Z Test simplifies administration and improves performance.   Set up multiple messages for head-to-head testing with just a few clicks.  Our system sends the test messages to a portion of the audience, and automatically sends the “winning” (more productive) message to the remainder of the audience.
Dynamic Unsub
Have you ever clicked an unsubscribe link only to get a confirmation message warning that it might take 10 days to act on your wishes? Dynamic Unsub reduces complaints and frustration.

We’re serious about respecting unsub requests. We suppress them not just at “query time” when the audience is created, but also at “broadcast time” when the full broadcast is released. What does that mean? We act upon unsub requests in minutes, not days.

Automated Synch
We can automatically exchange (daily or more frequently) unsub, bounce, open and click data with our clients and their other service providers. This enables us (collectively) to provide better and more responsive services.
Scalable Distributed Architecture
Our system and infrastructure are designed to be secure, reliable, fault-tolerant and scalable. We maintain redundant system installations at our headquarters (NJ), at SunGard (NJ) and at Rackspace (TX).
Flexible Reporting ... In Real Time
No waiting! We email a transmission summary with stats and a tracking link immediately upon completion of every broadcast. Campaign results are updated in real time on the tracking page. In addition to viewing up-to-the-minute results, authorized users may download opens, clicks, bounces and unsubs at any time.

Email Deliverability Services

  • ISP relations: feedback loop processing with all major ISPs; dynamic delivery monitoring and ISP issue resolution as necessary
  • IP management: proactive monitoring of IP reputations and all major blacklists; issue resolution as necessary
  • Content screening: pre-broadcast scoring of message content (SPAM Assassin)
  • Audience screening: Automated synch and just-in-time omits to minimize bounces, unsubs and complaints

Campaign Admin Services

  • Message Creation:  import of message creative content (text and html) and setup of personalization (Ready!)
  • Testing:  execution of test broadcasts for message quality control and approval (Ready!)
  • Binding:  connection of message(s) with audience, including application of seeds and final testing (Aim!)
  • Broadcast: execution (or scheduling) of the campaign (Fire!)