The CRI Difference
+ expert personnel
+ proven proprietary systems
+ leading commercial software
= superior service and results
We provide a comprehensive suite of services — commonly known as “merge/purge” — to prepare data for our clients’ marketing efforts and for their internal uses.

Our team approach to client service enables continuity, redundancy and backup. We have experienced teams of specialists with particular expertise to serve the needs of non-profit, retail/catalog, publishing and b-to-b clients, respectively. Our staff averages over 10 years of experience (20+ years for team leaders) and is available to clients 24x7x365.

Our clients range from very small to quite large; as a result, we handle projects from under 1,000 to over 50,000,000 names. For some clients, we process just a single annual project; for others, we handle over 500 projects per year.

Flexible pricing arrangements with $0 cost parallel “on boarding” project.¬† Email or call 201-445-3000.

We are privileged to have worked with a number of clients for 15+ years, growing and evolving with them to continue to support their needs.

A Typical Merge-Purge Project
Efficient list administration, tracking and receipt
Comprehensive reporting package (available online and by email)
Data Pre-Processing

  • Conversion, validation and initial quality control screening
  • Data Appending and Model scoring
  • File Segmentation
  • CASS-certified address standardization
  • DPV and 48-month NCOA processing
  • Suppression (e.g., deceased, prison, keyword scan, DMA)
Dupe ID Engine

  • Advanced identification of duplicates
  • Support for individual-, household- and business-level matching
  • Suppression of client-supplied files
  • Flexible prioritization for selection of surviving records including N-per control
  • Automated and human review of reports (quality control screening)
Post-Processing and Output

  • Selection of net project universe
  • Creation of test cells (representative Nths and splits)
  • Assignment of keycodes, finder numbers etc per client instructions
  • Presorting per USPS specs
  • Formatting to production specs
  • Electronic delivery of data and reports