“Few would argue that an enterprise’s data are among its most valuable assets.  Yet, without a way to obtain, cleanse, organize and evaluate the data, the enterprise is left with a vast, chaotic pool of ones and zeroes.  Data Analytics coaxes order from the chaos.  It helps explain patterns, which in turn helps the enterprise identify what it is doing well, determine how to do it better and recognize problems before they spiral out of control.”1

“Big data” presents tremendous opportunities … along with the increasingly difficult challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Our focus is “CRM Analytics”, the analysis of customer behaviors (for both existing and prospective customers).  We support our clients’ business processes and decisions with analytics to improve customer engagement, profitability and long-term value (LTV).

Investigate and Improve:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer lifecycle models
    (acquisition → conversion → renewal/retention → upgrade)
  • Data hygiene status (and best practices)
  • KPI metrics (on-demand reporting and benchmarking)
  • Multi-channel strategy, integration and optimization
  • Offer customization, targeting and rotation
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We Deliver:

  • Ad Hoc Analytics — episodic efforts usually focused on a well-defined question or issue
  • Developmental/Investigative Analytics — efforts to develop or refine analyses, reports and tools for ongoing use
  • Centralized (production-focused) Analytics — analyses, reports and other tools for the ongoing monitoring and improvement of marketing campaigns and production processes
  • Continuous Monitoring Analytics — tools for real-time monitoring to trigger alerts enabling immediate adjustment and correction
  1. ISACA, “Data Analytics – A Practical Approach”, August 2011 whitepaper, (http://www.isaca.org/data-analytics) []