To: Arthur Torres

The comfort of a great service bureau…what a nice feeling!


Hi Bob,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the team I work with at Commerce. Each and every one of my contacts (Rich, Himansu, Anna, Deb & Tina) give me the utmost attention and it is beyond a pleasure working with each and every one of them.

These days it is very difficult juggling all of the new responsibilities that I have taken on and with them having my back, I am able to supply great customer service to clients.

Their patience and professionalism is greatly appreciated by me and my clients.

Thank you,

To: Ken Spittler; Tina Rodrigues
Subject: thanks for being wonderful

Ken & Tina,

I sent a note to Ed yesterday and he nudged me that you should hear it, and he’s right. Here’s what I had to say:


M—— used to “own” the relationship with Commerce for merge-purge. I’m not sure who does these days, but just thought I should pass along:

I find them fantastic to work with.
Responsive, accurate, flexible and quick.
I sent three jobs to them Friday night, after hours.
I just signed off the last one — they’ll be at my mail shop 3 business days after I sent them.

Luv it!


To: George Slingland; Don Lettie
Subject: RE: Question on suppression file…

You better watch out Don, I’m not sure it’s a compliment if George is saying you understand how an addled aging mind like mine works.  🙂

Seriously, this is again one of the many reasons I value and rely upon the business partnership we have; the ability of your company to find easy solutions to problems I come up against is very much appreciated.

Thanks again.

CRI has been a valuable partner and friend to our company for many years. They work with us to solve any variety of system wide challenges we face. They are always available, they listen, learn, provide invaluable advice, and have been an integral part of making our company more successful overall, often making us even better than we thought we could be.


… words of thanks for the team you have working with us … Commerce is a GREAT partner … The guys do a great job providing quality efforts, asking the “right” questions as needed and showing the utmost patience when needed. Tina receives the highest of high accolades; she is a miracle worker.

I/we truly appreciate all their efforts.

Thank you,

… (we) could not find a more committed partner than you and the whole team at CRI, and we are grateful for all your hard work on our behalf …


… I want to thank you for all of your help with this. Your diligence, professionalism and can-do attitude is very much appreciated and is the reason why I always recommend Commerce first … Commerce is absolutely the best company it has been my privilege to work with.